John Popper

John Popper <——- Click 2 Enjoy

On 5/6/16 Bear opens the show teasing next weeks show on Oxycontin by just scratching the surface of the LA Times investigation into how the pill was marketed and the reality of its effects. Then we talk about how having Abandoned Baby Boxes at Fire Departments in Indiana may seem like a good idea, until you realize that all they do is encourage the same behavior they are supposedly fighting. When we come back from the break; Bear thinks if John Popper looked like John Mayer he would be still making awesome music, but instead, he lives in Vain America where his ugliness trumps his talent. Then we compare and contrast the Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown with the Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Crisis and discuss why we need to stop using nuclear power. Thank You 4 Your Support.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday <—– Click 2 Enjoy 🙂

On 5/5/16 Bear open’s the show wishing Happy Birthday to his biggest hero, the worlds most important philosopher, economist, and freedom fighter Karl Marx. We talk about how Marxism is now its own religion, guarded by its own close minded priests and clergy and why it is still the most important and dangerous philosophy in the world. Then we describe the important difference between the “shit” and the “shitty shit shit”. Then we talk about President Obama’s patronizing trip to Flint, Michigan where he equated drinking lead and chemical contaminated water with eating paint chips. Bear then reminds us that when BP poisoned the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama punished them by letting British Petroleum sponsor our Olympic Team. God’s Other Son Paul Lee checks in and we discuss how he has mellowed out over the years. Thank You 4 Your Support!

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Maintenance High

Maintainance High <—- I can’t spell 😛 Click 2 Enjoy 🙂

4/22/16 Bear starts off the show explaining what a maintenance high is. Then we shift focus over to Dying with Dignity and why every single person has the Right to Die and why Life Insurance Companies should payout in most instances. Then we talk about what happens when one of the world’s biggest sperm donors lied on his application. In light of President Obama’s trip to the Disgusting Kingdom, Bear busts out the facts about our buddies in Saudi Arabia and the obvious paradoxes. When we come back from the break we talk Weed News, specifically we talk about how a Michigan family was treated when they tried to open up a Legal Medical Marijuana Clinic, How The Supreme Court finally did something right, and why you shouldn’t try to bring a weed grinder shaped like a grenade on an airplane. THANK YOU 4 YOUR SUPPORT!!
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World Thats So Cold

World Thats So Cold <—– Click And Enjoy 🙂

4/21/16 Bear is saddened at the passing of Prince and goes on to explain why Prince was a million times better than Michael Jackson. Then we try to chear our selves up by celebrating the passing of fake wrestler and enlarged clit sporting Chyna. In the second hour Bear explains what a 3 way race between Trump, Clinton and Bernie would look like and why Bernie would win. To further hammer home the point we conclude the show with an article written by Socialist Alternaive Party Member and Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant. Thank You 4 Your Support
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Or am I

Or am I <——- Click 2 Enjoy 🙂

On 4/15/16 Bear is geeked up about how well Bernie did in the debate on Thursday Night!! Then we talk about how awful our lives are going to be if Hillary Clinton wins the White House; from the wars, to her donors, her ties to the Saudi’s, her husband’s mouth and the Chelsea Clinton Presidency. When we come back from the break, Bear wonders why President Obama balanced the books on the backs of food stamp recipients instead of cracking down on tax havens and penalizing the billionaires and american corporations who engage in this activity? During the second hour Monica Ross Williams calls in where we debate moral capitalism and she answers one of your listener emails. Thank You 4 Your Support!!

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Drugs as a Commodity

Drugs as Commodity <——- Click 2 Listen 🙂

On 4/8/16 Bear is very excited The Animaniacs complete collection is now on Netflix, a little too excited. Then we shift focus to the drug trade and we focus on Michel Chossudovsky’s piece “The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade” where we find out what The Big Banks, The CIA, The Terrorists and Poor Afghan Farmers have in common. Media Assassin Ren Miller joins us for the second hour and we talk about the CIA’s financial wing In-Q-Tel and why they are interested in a cosmetics company Skincential Sciences and their product line Clearista. Thank You 4 Your Support!

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Summer of 96

Summer of 96 <———– Click 2 Enjoy 🙂

On 4/7/16 Bear comes out of the gates excited about the impending fight against the Clinton campaign, because unlike democrats, Socialists love a good fight. We talk about how most of Hillary’s current positions are in response to her husbands horrible record on Trade, Race, and Foreign Policy. Then we remember the victims of the “Summer of 96”, and how Bill and Hillary single handedly defeated the 13 year old crackheads. When we come back from the break we talk about the Panama Papers, and who is behind it. Bear concludes the show talking about how some leaks are better than others, and talks about President Obama’s War on Whistle Blowers. THANK YOU 4 YOUR SUPPORT!!

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Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb <—— Click 2 Listen

On 4/1/16 Bear has a new crush and that is Rosario Dawson. Then we wonder why everyone is so worried about dirty bombs when our ancient nuclear power plants are pretty much the same thing? When we come back from the break, Bear flips out about the shitty merchandise that has Bernie’s logo on it and how it makes us look bad. Then we read Greenpeace’s report on Hillary Clinton’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. We shout out to our favorite groups and tweeters who’s retweets and support we are thankful for! We conclude the show by tearing to pieces an LA Times article extolling the virtues of a UC-Davis study on the downward mobility of regular pot heads by refuting it with facts and exposing the methodology as being complete shit.

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Stoned He Is

Stoned He Is <——– Click 2 Enjoy

On 3/31/16 Bear starts off the show in a nerd lather because he wasn’t sure if Ahsoka Tano survived her encounter with Darth Vader during the Star Wars Rebels season finale. Since Bear has been roughed up by his share of cops and security guards through out the years, he doesn’t think that Trump’s Obergruppenfuhrer Corey Lewandowski did anything wrong, this time. When we come back from the break we bring you our latest episode of #CopShit where we talk about; An antipolice corruption advocate found stabbed and burned to death in his house days after he warned about his own demise, A cop who almost arrested a woman for complaining about how he stamped on her foot cutting in line to get donuts, and what its like to carry your dead baby inside you for a week while being refused care in prison. Thank You 4 Your Support

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Shit Talking

Talking Shit <—– Click 2 Enjoy 🙂

On 3/24/16 Bear starts off the show with his Good Friday / Easter Message. Then we are joined by good friend and the author of “Happier Living” Dr. G. Douglas Griset where we discuss; Shrinkage, Talented Kids, Strawberry Kush, Parents, and The Pulitzer Prize. After the break we are joined by Michigan’s #1 Political Podcaster Monica Ross Williams who has a problem with certain rookie podcasters who talk a lot of shit. Then Bear has some shit to talk of his own, in a way that only he can. Thank You 4 Your Support!

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