Second Class Citizens Codified

On Fridays Show; Written in Stone, Second Class Citizens Codified, Jihad Gene, Oilflation Myth, Target Turkey, Ren Miller joins us, Porn Stars, Spanish Fly, and you guys!!!

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The Master Slave Relationship

On Wednesdays Show; Bear talks about Alzheimers, Dimentia and the death of his grandmothers. Then we move on to the master slave relationship as it relates to our modern form of enslavement;┬áspecifically the Guardian UK’s article about slavery world wide(and their glaring omissions) and the world socialist websites article on homeless children. Then Bear introduces the uneducated to his first live dab on the air and proclaims open!! Mato calls in and gives us his perspective on rave girls wearing Indian Headdress.

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Bearman Radio Show Nov 14th Test

Awww Yeaaa Welcome Back…..

Topics: Mexico

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